Paul Howards

Our founder, Paul Howards, has been in this industry since graduating from the University of Miami in 1988.

Beginning his professional life as a musician, he has travelled the world performing with Justin Timberlake, N’Sync, Aerosmith, Gloria Estefan, Backstreet Boys, and Julio Iglesias as well as recording four solo CD’s.

His passion for this business stems from the thrill of being onstage and knowing the joy and excitement that is extended to everybody who experiences a world-class performance.

With a long history of working on or around stages, Paul and his team at GoBackline know well-maintained equipment assures the best performance possible.

Managing client budgets, working with production teams, and negotiating technical riders is always a top priority to ensure a great performance and all around great experience for our clients, entertainers, and attendees.

GoBackline owner, Paul Howards in action behind the scenes
GoBackline owner, Paul Howards in action behind the scenes

George Miller

George Miller is a talented luthier and backline/guitar technician who has been with GoBackline since 2013.

George is a valued team member, assisting in providing an outstanding performance and experience for our clients and artists.

As a touring tech and stage manager, he has more than a decade of experience with some of the top touring artists in the industry including Julio Iglesias, Billy Corgan, J Geils, Whitney Houston, Madonna and Prince.

Lead Technician, George Miller servicing equipment at the shop
Lead Technician, George Miller servicing equipment at the shop


GoBackline is the leading provider of backline rental equipment and superior technicians for event production in Florida. We equip touring performers, venues, theme parks, festivals, casinos, fairs, corporate and private events, concert series and more with event production services, music instrument rentals, backline gear rentals, and dj gear rentals.

We are based in Orlando, FL and are pleased to provide services throughout Florida including Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Miami.
Our technicians have worked with most of the top touring artists and know the importance of getting it right the first time. The team works exceptionally and creates dynamic events each and every time.

Our clients expect top notch gear, quality techs, exceptional service – all at a price that is reasonable. We carry all the gear that you expect plus a large selection of vintage gear. The quality selection you find with us won’t be beat!

We look forward to providing the services you need and the equipment you want for your next event and every event after!

Get ready to rock!

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